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The Piano Glass is an ongoing experimental instrument project that explores the sonic possibilities offered by glass. Each piece of glass is meticulously cut and arranged to form a unique sound that expands beyond the confines of musical scales. It is an integral part of both the Creatures and Hishigaro projects, creating a new and intriguing soundscape. The project began with a toy piano and evolved to  upright piano, as it transforms and grows over time.

Each glass piece is meticulously cut and arranged to form a unique scale. As the sounds are organized from left to right, the pitch of each glass piece gradually increases, offering a rich palette of tones and textures for the performer to explore.


The Piano Glass can also be controlled using motors, Arduinos, and microcontrollers, providing even greater possibilities for creative expression. This integration of technology allows for both manual and automated interactions with the instrument, pushing the boundaries of conventional music-making.


In the context of the Creatures project, the Piano Glass serves as an important component in the sound composition. The fusion of sound, movement, and visual elements helps bring these unique beings to life, as they undergo a transformation through the exploration and manipulation of sound. 


As the Piano Glass project continues to evolve, the artist will further investigate the transformative power of art and the endless possibilities that arise when we venture beyond traditional notions of music and sound through the integration of various piano forms and the unique qualities of glass.


Daniela Labra, Pierre Depaz, Marina Ávila, Tiago Resende, Fanny Dreyer, Juan Jerez, Claire Hemon, Sylvain Auguy, Glaserei Wolfgang Gahl, Tato (Marcio) Alcantra, Casa Tato, Anete ColacioppoAcker Stadt Palais, Valentina Galossi

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