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It starts in a point in the universe, reaches our feet. In the middle way, a window opens itself and the labyrinth is formed, as magical path. A path of meaning to be experienced - an irreversible walk.


Labyrinths can also be mazes that are connected with the Myth of the Minotaur and the King of Crete, Minos. After he ascended the throne, Minos had to compete with his brothers to rule. Attending to Minos’ prayers, Poseidon sent him the Minotaur as a symbol of support. But instead of killing the bull to honor to the deity, Minos decided to keep it for its beauty. Ranging for revenge, Poseidon induced Minos’ wife,

the oracle at Delphi, Minos ordered Daedalus

Pasiphaë, to fall in love with the Minotaur. She nursed the Minotaur until the beast became huge and ferocious. After getting advice fromto construct a gigantic labyrinth to hold the Minotaur Minos’s palace in Knossos as a tentative to hold the chaos.

The Roman Poet, Ovid, suggests that Daedalus constructed the Labyrinth so cunningly, he did not know how to escape himself. He is first mentioned by Homer as the creator of a wide dancing-ground for Ariadne, Minos’s daughter. Some people believe the Cretan design evolved from the spirals found in nature.

Samantha TIussi - Daedalus - From Labyrinth Series - Berlin 2018 - Piano Pieces and Oil on Canvas - 160x140cm

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