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Samantha, a Berlin-based Brazilian artist, invites us to enter her personal universe. Her artistic practice is rooted on her synesthetic perceptions, allowing her to visualize sounds as forms and spaces. She is autist, what gives her a special perception about the world, which she delves into both for self-discovery and healing.


Memories of childhood with her father, who worked with glass, and a deep passion for piano, imprinted upon her an enduring fascination, manifesting as her autistic special interests. This connection is evident in her CREATURES on going research, where she creates an entwined sensory narrative, and which is branching out in multiple directions. Similarly, in the Piano Glass, she transforms a piano by replacing its strings with glass, an instrument she meticulously handcrafts and performs live.


Through her immersive work, Samantha offers a window into her psyche, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the now. Each piece serves as an invitation to contemplate existence, reality and the interaction of sensory perceptions. Her political ambitions are to promote a society that accepts different communities, as they are.

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