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Samantha Tiussi sees shapes and spaces when she hears sounds. Throughout synesthesic processes, she provides through glass installations an immersive experience, where sounds and images are confused and merged. The glass is a material originated in her childhood, by that time, her father used to work with glass and that had a big impact on her.


Her interested in music started with the age of 5, when she started to play piano. Her work developed in the direction of exploring the relationship between music and visual art, till the point that the merge of the disciplines became inevitable.

Her work transits between multidisciplinary installations, sound art and paintings. By exploring the fusion of different disciplines, she questions the borders of how to define them and raise questions like what is a visual object and what is a sound object, what is an installation and what is a performance, what is a sound art and what is a sculpture, what is a dancer and what is a creature.


She develops multidisciplinary installations, creating a sensory field in which we are led to experience, through our senses, the present moment, using elements like sounds, movement, dance, music, labyrinths and glass.


I see shapes when I hear sounds. I seek the fusion of the senses through the sound of glass in movement and the images that the lights create by going through this material. Memories of glass form my childhood, through my father’s work, remained alive.

I am interested in the expression of movement and its reverberation in different aesthetics, especially investigating the interaction between sounds and images. I use

sensations to tease reflections about what it means to experience life using nothing but your senses. Dance is a recurring theme in my research, also walking, moving, as a flâneur.

I let my senses and synesthetic experiences carry me along, creating a rift between the conventional experience of sounds and integrating this sensorial world into my processes. I am interested on creating a sensorial experience that brings people to connect with their own sensorial system and to the expression of the present moment.


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