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A Synesthetic Journey Through Sound and Storytelling

A unique artistic endeavour from Samantha Tiussi and Darío Dornel that seeks to unveil new dimensions in communication and storytelling while pushing the boundaries of sound art and music. At its heart, the project is a synesthetic adventure, inviting audiences to delve into a world where sound and emotion goes beyond language. By integrating elements from ancient Japanese music, our performance acquires a unique flavour and depth, full of nostalgia and mystery.

Utagawa Hiroshige, Edo Period, 1857

By integrating these elements, our project pushes the boundaries of traditional composition and offers a one-of-a-kind experience for the audience. As they journey alongside Hishigaro, listeners become captivated by the unfolding story of his village. Through this exploration, we challenge conventional storytelling methods and provide a profound and engaging experience that resonates with the audience beyond linguistic boundaries.

Inspired by Wittgenstein's philosophy, which highlights the inadequacy of language in expressing the full range of our thoughts and experiences, Hishigaro's music explores the potential of sound as an alternative form of communication. Delving into the depths of emotions and concepts that words alone cannot fully capture, our project aims to create a profound connection with the audience, inviting them on a journey of discovery and connection. 

Hishigaro's tale is one of courage and determination, as he embarks on a quest to save his village from a mysterious threat. Through a series of adventures, we narrate Hishigaro's journey using evocative soundscapes. 
The ensemble of sounds from unique instruments, such as the piano glass – a piano adaptation that replaces strings with shards of glass – combined with digitally manipulated human voice and innovative sound sources like photographs translated into audio, immerses the audience in Hishigaro's world. 

In our live performances, we embrace a unique approach to music scores inspired by Xenakis' ideas. Our score is written in the form of storytelling, guiding our improvisation through text and drawings instead of traditional musical notes. 


The Hishigaro Project emerged from the artists' deep-rooted desire to experiment with sound. Through their sonic exploration, Hishigaro's story unfolded, with each element revealing the next step in his journey. The narrative was guided by the sound itself.

Samantha Tiussi is a visual artist with experience in installations and performances, originaly from Brasil. She brings her expertise from her project Creatures, which explores glass both visually and sonically. Building on her knowledge of glass and also the Piano Glass—an ongoing experimental instrument project inspired by her passion for piano and glass—she incorporates her classical music background and live performance experience into the Hishigaro Project.

Dario Dornel, also known as Kirap, with an extensive history with music, has its roots in Uruguay. His background as a drummer lends structure to the project, weaving the diverse sounds into a cohesive expression. His experience as a DJ and live performer lets him connect with the audience, using their energy to guide the performance's evolution.

The artists came together last year, intending to explore the possibilities of combining analog and digital sounds. They found themselves enveloped by a rich narrative that began to take shape. The story seemed to demand to be told, with sound serving as its medium. The Hishigaro Project was born from the artist's fascination with the story and their irrepressible urge to share it. The story was not created by them, but discovered through sound.

Xenakis music score

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